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MVCC Video Communications Corp

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
MVCC Video Communications
At MVCC we offer the latest in broadcast and production technology. We have solutions for the diverse high definition environment. Our High-quality Sony products are ideal for videographers and independent producers to production studios and broadcast stations. It doesn’t stop there. We carry every accessory that you could need, making us a true one-stop shop. From the high-quality, low-priced Secced tripods to lighting kits, filters, lenses, batteries – you name it, we have it.

MVCC is a Gold Premier Reseller of Avid Technology products. Avid is recognized as a leader in the editing world. Avid’s products are used to create everything from commercials, corporate videos and television shows, to major motion pictures. Matrix’s in-house specialists have extensive training in Avid workflow solutions.

What makes a TRUE one-stop shop is our over $1.6 million of video production equipment in our Western Canadian rentals department! Our diverse equipment offering consists of cameras, lenses, audio products, lighting, monitors & projectors, players & recorders, switchers, tripods, and video accessories. Each of our five Western Canada offices has an in-house rentals expert that will be there for you every step of the way!

MVCC Video Communications Corp
Sales: Dave Campbell |
Rentals: Wayne Carignan |
(604) 436-4492

AJA Ki Pro Mini

Friday, September 10th, 2010

The subject title says it all. This is the device I’ve been waiting for ever since the MVCC Expo was held in Vancouver earlier this year. I was talking to the AJA rep and asked him if his company was coming out with anything soon to compete with Convergent Design’s Nano Flash. I said “Should I buy the Nano Flash or wait?” He said “Wait” and I’m glad I did. Now us file-based camera owners with Mac platforms can record straight to ProRes at much higher bit rates than AVCHD or Long GOP Mpeg2 with a device that’s about the same size as a professional camera mounted battery pack. It’s going to be introduced today for the first time at IBC Expo. You won’t want to miss checking out this new ‘game changer’:

Wedding awards

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Go to this link to see really what the wedding industry understands and thinks of video in comparison to photography for weddings…

Older Studio Monitors

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Hi All,

I have a friend who works in the downtown eastside and they received a whole bunch of older studio monitors from the CBC. They don’t have use for all of these, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

Here’s a list – don’t know if these are even relevant today. My contact says that they are free for anyone who is interested.


Make Model Description
Ikegami TM10-16R Colour Monitor
Electrohome 39-V20NIA-AP EVM920P4AG Video Monitor
Sony PVM-136 B/W Video Monitor
Sony PVM-136 B/W Video Monitor
Panasonic BT-S915DA Colour Video Monitor
Panasonic BT-S901YN Colour Video Monitor
Ikegami TM10-16R Colour Monitor
Sony PVM-1344Q Trinitron Colour Video Monitor
Panasonic WV-BM1790 Video Monitor
Sony KV-13TR28 Trinitron Colour TV
Sony CVM-1271 Trinitron Colour Receiver/Monitor
Sony KV-13M42 Trinitron Colour TV
Electrohome 30-V20MLA-AP EVM1220P4AG B/W Monitor
Electrohome 30-V20MLA-AP EVM1220P4AG B/W Monitor
Sony PVM-13420 Trinitron Colour Video Monitor
Ikegami PM9-5A Picture Monitor
Sony PVM-8044Q Trinitron Colour Video Monitor
Ikegami PM9-5A Picture Monitor
Sony PVM-8220 Trinitron Colour Video Monitor
JVC TM-A9U Video Monitor
Electrohome 38-V42IIM-J1 942C115 Video Monitor
Electrohome 38-V20NIB-AP EVM920P4AGFAR Video Monitor
Sony CVM-1271 Trinitron Colour Receiver/Monitor
Ikegami TM10-16R Video Monitor
Electrohome 38-V42IIM-J1 942C115 Video Monitor

Would anyone be interested? If you are, please advise asap, as they can’t hold these for too long.

Final Cut Studio 3 Tutorials

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Here are a few FCS3 tutorials that I’ve found for those wanting to expand their understanding of these programs. For anyone who’s serious about their craft, you have below several “must watch” videos that will make you sit back and say “Cool. I didn’t know you could do that!”

The first one briefly touches on the Log and Transfer section of FCP and how it relates to today’s tapeless workflows. But mostly the tutorial is all about “online/offline” workflows using the ProRes Proxy codec that allows you to use far less room on your media drives during the edit process. ProRes 422 (proxy) is also a full raster codec, meaning if you shot in 1920×1080 your proxy files will also be the same size. This is very important if your project has a lot of graphics/pictures because you won’t have to redo any FX or moves when it’s time to re-capture at the online resolution.

The second one is all about tapeless workflows using the Log and Transfer section of FCP7. Canon 5D, 7D and the new 550D users take note: this tutorial was made for you.

The next one is about easily adding BITC (burn-in time code) to your video using Compressor. This is important if you’re working with clients or co-workers such as the audio guy who’s going to sweeten the tracks of your documentary masterpiece. You need to be able to reference your video with everyone using the language of TC as your project progresses.

How about an easy way to make beautiful slow-motion with none other than Cinema Tools, which is part of Final Cut Studio. Check it out:

If you want to export more than just the standard of two audio channels that Final Cut Pro is set up to do by default, this is the tutorial for you. The secret is in the shortcuts and critical mouse cursor placement in the sequence window.

The last one is how to use the noise reduction tools in FCP but more importantly in Soundtrack Pro. The person who generated this tutorial uses the most popular way to reduce unwanted audio and it’s good to know how it works. I use another way that is more discreet but, as all things to do with these programs, there’s always 3 or 4 ways to do the same thing. It all depends on how you like to work.

Happy tutorial……ing!!