How To Change Your BCPVA Profile Information

How to Change Your BCPVA Info

This is a question I received from Danny Sayson of Sayson Productions. Namely, how do you change your profile and member listing. This is too much and too hard to explain by writing, so I’ve made a video. I had to split it up into two parts since I’m long winded and can’t explain all this in under 10 minutes. Together both videos are about 15 minutes.

The four things I actually get into are:

  1. How to change your member profile (in depth bio with videos)
  2. How to change your listing info (found on the find a bcpva member page)
  3. How to change your author profile (for when you write posts)
  4. How to make a post from within WordPress (the software that powers the site)

How to Change Your BCPVA Member Profile

How to Change Your BCPVA Listing, Author Profile, and Make a Post

HTML Code, Yeah!

As promised, here are the html tags that are used in creating your profile.

Tag that represents the left side of your profile, the picture side.

<div class="category-member-left">

Tag that represents the right hand side of your profile, the info side.

<div class="category-member-right">

Tag that represents the headers within the page.


Tag that represents embedded videos. Make sure to do a new tag for each new video.

<div class="member-video">


What, I didn’t explain it well enough in the video? Need help don’t fear, you can contact me at

Remember, that if you mess something up, there are automatic backups and every single item has revisions that we can revert to, so don’t be too worried about updating your profile and writing posts.

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