How to Register, Submit, Subscribe, and Discuss on the BCPVA Web Site

If you missed the initial video on the BCPVA website, please check it out here.

After talking through the 9 1/2 minutes, I realized I could also just write it down here. So, choose your poison by either looking at the video (make sure to hit it up to 720P and full screen it) or seeing the written tutorial below the video. Actually, the video tutorial explains more, so do try to watch it.

As mentioned in the “Why the new BCPVA Site and how to Active in it” post, we need participation in order for this web site to work. To participate, you’ll want to do a few things:


Registering for the site takes less than a minute and it automatically subscribes you to receive by email updates on all the posts written on the site. I would like all members to do this.

Click this link and register.

Subscribing to New Posts

You can subscribe to the site in two ways, Email and RSS. However, if you’ve already registered, you don’t need to email subscribe as you are automatically upon registration. To email subscribe, you would fill out the box to the right of this column. This is more for people who are not BCPVA members but want to keep in the loop.

To subscribe by RSS, find the RSS Feed button in the right column – or the one right here RSS Feed for BCPVA.

Subscribing to Comments

What, another thing to subscribe to? Yes, and this is different than subscribing to the posts. Subscribing to the comments of a posts lets you see all the comments made by people to a post. This is handy when you have a post regarding a discussion topic where there would be a lot of back and forth. How do you do it? Easy! You have to leave a comment, and when doing so, check off the box saying “Subscribe to all comments by email”.

Remember, you have to do this for each post that you are interested in. This works out well, as generally people comment on posts that they are interested in and don’t want to see comments from posts they are not interested in.

Creating a New Post

Now this is VERY easy. So don’t be shy. We need all the posts we can get. Have a new video, post it as a news item. A question about what kind of equipment to use on a shoot, post it in the videography discussion section, etc…

To create a new post, visit here. But it is not like you have to remember to go this page. The link to submitting a post is on the bottom of every page. You can create a new post without registering for the site, so it is easy and accessible for anyone. However, if you do register, you will be able to create a profile with a picture/logo, bio/description of who you are, and a link back to your site. This is a great way to get links to yourself.

Any questions? Please leave a comment below!

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