2011 BCPVA year end dinner speech

Last Sunday the BCPVA celebrated its 16th year as Canada’s leading video production association.  As a five-term President and current Past-President, I was asked to deliver a speech.  I spoke about disruptive technology and the relevance of video association membership.


2011 BCPVA year end dinner group photo

2011 State of the Video Industry

Disruptive technology and the relevance of BCPVA Membership.

For the past few years I’ve spoken at this event, the BCPVA year end dinner, and given my state of the video industry address. This year I wanted to talk about disruptive technology and the challenges it creates for us individually as video producers and on our association as a whole.

This is my tenth year in the video industry, eighth as the owner of a Vancouver Video Production Company called Shawn Lam Video Inc.. And during that time I’ve produced just over 1 million dollars in corporate and event video productions. When I first started MiniDV was the standard amongst our membership, although DVDs were just starting to gain popularity. Just to show you how far we have come as an industry in ten years, in my first year in the industry, we had more demand for VHS tapes than DVDs.

Vancouver Video Association Speech – click for full speech

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Shawn Lam is the President of Shawn Lam Video Inc., a Vancouver Video Production Company, specializing in corporate and live event video production, including live video switching and webcasting. Shawn holds the Merited Professional Videographer accreditation, is a five time video production award winner, and is a video export who writes for Streaming Media Producer.