iPhone Apps for Video

As promised at the last BCPVA meeting June 16th 2010 (albeit a little late) here are the links to some very useful iPhone/iPod Touch apps for video and still photography production. The first one on the list is a freebie but the others are retail cost.

TechScout Touch

You can create your lighting order using this one iPhone app and send the order straight to the rental house.


Film+Digital Calculator for cinematographers and still photographers.

Pocket LD

Pocket LD is a photometric database and calculation tool for theatrical and TV/Film lighting professionals.

Match Lens

This calculator computes the equivalent lens focal length to produce the same field of view between 2 cameras with different apertures or sensor sizes.

Helios Sun Position Calculator – by Chemical Wedding (who thinks up these names?)

Helios is a Sun Position Calculator that graphically represents the position of the sun from dusk to dawn, on any given day, in any given place.

On Set Office

“A series of management programs produced by film and theater professionals for film and theater directors, producers, stage managers, production managers, casting directors, assistant directors and editors.”



Written by:

Don Greening is the owner and both senior editor and videographer for Reeltime Videoworks. His arts background as a classical musician and composer gives him an uncompromising eye and ear for detail that is very important in video production. Don also hones his technical skills by updating them through courses at Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design.

  • Bruce Aleksander

    Thanks for assembling this list!