Just got off the phone with bride who needs videographer and a photographer for 12 hours.
To simplify I quoted for video only
$1000 to shoot only 1 camera
$1500 to shoot and edit 1 camera
$2500 to shoot and edit 2 cameras..

She was quoted $1300 1 camera edited video,also a photographer and photo album, 2 guys..

We talk for 1/2 hour about pricing, costs, ┬áhiring photographer and videographer together, etc…
I broke it down to less than $20 a hour for her $1300 photo/video. Talk about what a *professional, experience video guy charges.

She seen the $1300 guys stuff and like it and I told her to sign a detailed contract and make sure who is the photographer and videographer (not students)
and stop calling Videographers and go with this guy.

Well I thought I was doing here a solid and she did too.. She now is considering me to do here Video alone for $1500.

Basically because I spent the time explaining to her
how it works and what she can expect..I gave her the time of the day..

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David Cooperstone is the owner of the Studio Video Facilities. He is currently the President of the BCPVA.

  • Thanks for sharing this story David. It's best to always let the client know what he/she is getting for the price and if they're satisfied, it will be their choice. I always take the time to explain to the client why we charge what we charge.

  • ira

    hi there. id like to inquire about doing videography for a wedding. please let me know if you know of any and the cost. thanks.