Duplication – Who’s Responsible for Bad Copies from Bad Master

I wrote in a question to Colin Logan from Precision Disc and thought this might be useful information for others:

My Question

I made a DVD for a client and the DVD was a bad burn or bad copy, so it played on PC’s, but it didn’t play on DVD players (I think the problem was that the DVD was burned from a file folder created from Adobe Encore as opposed to directly burned out of Encore).

The duplication house didn’t check that it played in DVD players before making 1,000 copies. Is that standard practice and is there any regular policy that duplicators have regarding such a matter. I don’t think the duplicator was in fault regarding the DVD, but is there not some type of check that goes in place before that many copies are made?

Colin’s Answer

When replicating, our policy is that ALL masters are run through “Eclipse” ( www.eclipsedata.com/index.asp ) , it’s a suite of software that checks CD, DVD and Blu Ray for compliancy and integrity amongst other things before we make the glass master / stamper. However, in no way does running an Eclipse test remove or reduce the client’s responsibility to check their master thoroughly to ensure it is ready-to-manufacture as supplied (all content beginning to end, all functionality, all meta-data).

We do also test the DVD master in a player, same with audio CDs. Should something come up, we notify the customer and address it.

All replication companies have a policy of “whatever is on your master, is copied and if your content has issues, it’s not our fault” as has happened many times.

Your client needs to ask if an Eclipse check was run on the master and if so, your client should ask for a copy of it. The replicator may have an error arise in the report, but they may have made the call to move forward with the order. We would never make that call; it’s up to the client.

Having mentioned the above, the replicator looks at this way, paper print companies are supplied files for printing, is it the print companies responsibility to find spelling and grammar errors in the supplied file?

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