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Hey peoples,

This is a message from Naomi from Health Here Help There who is looking for video help with her charity.



My name is Naomi Casiro and I am a UBC physiotherapy student spearheading a 21 day project called “HEALTH HERE HELP THERE.” The project is an opportunity to inspire healthy living in our community, while as a community supporting an after school program for a small group of girls in the small northern province of Chaco, Argentina. The inspiration for this project began when I travelled 2 years ago to Chaco and saw the circumstances in which these girls were struggling to make their dreams come true. I knew then that given our enriched lives here in Canada there had to be something I could do to help. I will be travelling back to Argentina this May to visit the girls and personally take every penny raised to them. I believe that not only can we help this community of young girls, but through 21 days of talks and classes given in our community, by our own community experts we can inspire a healthier and happier vancouver!

How can you help:

I am looking for anyone interested in helping out with an introduction video and or any of the health topic videos to be posted on the project website. The intro video will be a short introduction to the project and its purpose. The videographer will be given credit for his or her work on the website and a link to his/her business/personal site could be provided on the website in order to help with exposure.

Think you can help in a different way?
Want to get involved?
Have any questions?

Please contact me at
604 345 9318

Thanks so much for listening and have a fantastic day!

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