How To Go Paperless Video

Hey y’all.

I finished a video on how to go paperless. I’m doing these videos a couple times a month for my site

In any case, I had some people say that the Vimeo version stutters while the Youtube one doesn’t. I know most of you have rocking machines, but if you do find it stutters, can you please post a comment and let me know.

Right now I’m including both versions on my site so that people with slower connections can play the video OK. I understand you can adjust resolutions (and thus download rates) by toggling options, but I don’t know if most people are savvy enough to do that.

I generally don’t have problems with video stuttering myself, and if I did, I would probably let it buffer a little bit. Do you guys do the same or do you say “screw that slow-loading video”?

Vimeo Version

Youtube Version

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  • Don Greening

    Good content on the show with lots of tips on how to go paperless. I didn’t have any stuttering or otherwise playback issues with either of your movie versions. In answer to your question: if the content is deemed worthwhile I’ll suffer through moderate playback issues. If the playback becomes torture I’ll take my clicking elsewhere.

    – Don