Making Your Own Website… Or Not

If you are looking to get a new website, this video is for you. I interviewed a web designer about how to make your own website or questions to ask a pro when hiring one.

A few questions you should ask yourself about your website:

  • Are you able to update your site yourself
  • Do you have control of your entire site, including domain name and web hosting?
  • Do you have great content?

If you like the video, I have a detailed post about what was in it, plus I have some links to the resources discussed in the video. You can check it out here

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Oh yeah, this video shows the danger in doing the lighting, audio, filming, and question asking yourself 🙂 I was filming in the evening and the lighting conditions were changing fast. So, my glance back to the monitor every five minutes wasn’t often enough and the white balance and exposure went out of wack fast. I was able to do a bit of de-saturation and colour correction to make it look more uniform, but not my best piece of filming work.

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