SHOOTING FOR THE BEST – BCPVA Monthly Meeting Wed June 24, 2014 6:30pm


Shooting For The Best BCPVA



6:30PM Wednesday JUNE 25, 2014

Justice Institute


Free Admission.

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Preferred Vendor Presentation

MVCC Video Communications Corp

MVCC will be bringing some of the latest Professional Equipment ranging from Camera’s to Lighting equipment. They will go over what they specialize in, as well as some info about some of their recent projects, MVCC has done some very large jobs across western Canada. And they would love to tell you about them. You will get to meet Dave Campbell, the Vice President of Sales/Owner, as well as Korie Kessel one of their local sales reps.



New Professional Member Presentation

Gordon Loverin  T’senaglobe Media Inc.

This top video production company makes corporate videos that inform local communities and First Nations about resource development projects. Gordon understands the storytelling behind the mining process from start to finish. He knows the process of forestry activities from harvest planning to creating value added  products. And      the appreciates the relationship between resource development and its direct impact on jobs, contracting opportunities, and revenue sharing with First Nations. Hear how T’senaglobe  brings value to unique niche markets and industries while benefiting local communities.



New Professional Member Presentation

Business Television, Owned by Taylor Thoen

BTV – Business Television is an investment news program profiling emerging and publicly traded companies. For more than 14 years, BTV – Business Television has profiled companies in all sectors with top industry analysts. With Host Taylor Thoen, this 30 minute weekly national business show features companies at their location, interviews the company’s key executives, showcases their products and services, and unveils their plans for future growth. Steve Wilson and  Chris Grindley-Ferris take you behind-the-scenes at BTV.



What You Need to Know and Do To Be a Great Video Subcontractor

Presented by Shawn Lam

At the BCPVA our members regularly hire fellow members as subcontractors on multi-camera shoots and when they need a replacement or are double booked.

Learn how you can earn upwards of tens of thousands of dollars as a video subcontractor. Topics will include: what to bring, how to dress, what back-up equipment you should always have, how much to charge, when to show-up, and basically how to make yourself so valuable you will get hired again and again.



Past, Present, Future – Telling The Story of BCPVA

Another Video Editing Contest!!

Where have we been and where are we going? We interviewed and video recording members talking about BCPVA. Edit the footage and show off your creative abilities with short 5 minute videos to be shown at our June meeting.

Here are the links to the raw footage and details..

These 4 interviews can be used in any way you like. Take it seriously or whatever. Work with just one interview, use the outtakes, create crazy green scene effects. It’s your call.

If you like go to our flickr account and use some images from there.

Please let David at know if you have an entry.

There will be prizes.

All entries on memory stick to our June 25 meeting

MP4 preferred


David  Cooperstone  President  BCPVA     THE STUDIO VIDEO FACILITIES




Jennifer Shanse   Associate member


Shawn Lam  Vice-President BCPVA  SHAWN LAM VIDEO

Part 1


Part 2



That’s Not All!


BCPVA monthly meetings are a forum for members and guests to learn, share, and network with video industry professionals. Typical meetings can include presentations by experts in technology, shooting, editing, storytelling & imagery, and business management. New Professional members often show examples of their video productions followed by Q&A and open topic discussions. Frequently our Vendor Members bring the latest technology like cameras, lights, and gear to our meetings so you can try them out.

The point of BCPVA meetings is to help our members be the best videographers they can be!


Visitors welcome.

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Written by:

David Cooperstone is the owner of the Studio Video Facilities. He is currently the President of the BCPVA.