6:30 PM Wednesday May 28, 2014

Justice Institute


Insider Secrets on Social Networks

The best way to get benefits and avoid limitations!

Dennis Pang, CEO & Marketing Strategist
Motive8 Media Inc.

Social Media Influencer Dennis Pang knows how to create big social media presence. With of over 7,000 followers on Twitter and 32,000 on Instagram, it’s no wonder Dennis is frequently pitched by PR firms and brands to promote their lifestyle products and services.

As CEO and founder of both Motive8 Media Inc. and Popcorn, Dennis is a digital marketing veteran who provides strategic and creative consulting services. In 2009, he founded Motive8 Media, a web design and Internet marketing agency, and since then he has worked with dozens of local and international brands including Kijiji, Crossfit, Hyatt Hotels, Ford, and Disneyland – just to name a few. He launched Popcorn in 2011 to provide PR and digital communications services for the hospitality and food & beverage industries. Dennis also runs a personal travel & food blog – – which attracts over 10,000 visitors per month.


New Professional Member Presentation

Gordon Loverin

T’senaglobe Media Inc.

This top video production company makes corporate videos that inform local communities and First Nations about resource development projects.

Gordon understands the storytelling behind the mining process from start to finish. He knows the process of forestry activities from harvest planning to creating value added products. And he appreciates the relationship between resource development and its direct impact on jobs, contracting opportunities, and revenue sharing with First Nations. Hear how T’senaglobe brings value to unique niche markets and industries while benefiting local communities.


Past, Present, Future – Telling The Story of BCPVA

Another Video Editing Contest!!

Where have been and where are we going? Participate in interviewing and video recording members talking about BCPVA. Edit the footage and show off your creative abilities with short 5 minute videos to be shown at our June meeting.


That’s Not All!

BCPVA monthly meetings are a forum for members and guests to learn, share, and network with video industry professionals. Typical meetings can include presentations by experts in technology, shooting, editing, storytelling & imagery, and business management. New Professional members often show examples of their video productions followed by Q&A and open topic discussions. Frequently our Vendor Members bring the latest technology like cameras, lights, and gear to our meetings so you can try them out.

The point of BCPVA meetings is to help our members be the best videographers they can be!

Visitors welcome.


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BC Professional Videographers Association is a non profit organization that exists to support the professional development, creativity, and entrepreneurial growth of its members; while serving the growing need for professional video production.