10. Video Postproduction Services
Percentage decrease: 24.9 percent With digital technology now the industry standard, video postproduction services have struggled over the last few years. The new technology has made jobs like editing, cutting and animating much less labor intensive. 43.2 percent of postproduction companies have closed since 2000. Credit: IBISWorld

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David Cooperstone is the owner of the Studio Video Facilities. He is currently the President of the BCPVA.

  • Subsea

    I think part of the problem is that most post production companies dont re-envest enough capital in upgrading their equipment at the approriate time. Also as a society we have become compacent with “Yootube” qualtiy videos and Netflicks quality Movie entertainment. Geez and you just bought a Blue Ray player and found most of the Video stores are closing down. Do yopu remember when you saw your first Blu Ray Movie? wow.. Is the wow still there or will a DVD do? Its a shame though with all the digital content out there it is of substandard qualtiy beacause this is what we are willing to except! Oh and guess what, if you moved to Digital media from tape… are you saving all the masters on a storage device? or ohhh a hard Drive… Or are you just keeping the stuiff you like….come on admit it to save a few dollars on hard drive costs.I guess untill we kick outselves in the butt and raise our standard of what we watch… we will be known as the generation of “It will do” archiving.
    Done forget to do your backups. Isnt that one of those things you forgot to do?