Top 10 Reasons to Hire a BCPVA Member

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a BCPVA Member

By Anthony Kupnicki

  1. We are professionally trained & highly motivated!
  2. We use a high quality cameras & pro audio equipment.
  3. We provide real and true audio & visual representation unattainable through still pictures.
  4. Events are experienced so quickly a video preserves the past documenting for the future and generations to come.
  5. Guests can relax and enjoy the live experience not so caught up in the moment stressed out attempting to get a shot and missing the emotions & experience.
  6. Preserve the lasting memories of the events always keeping in mind those who could not attend with interview options.
  7. We are your eyes and ears everywhere you can’t possibly be on the day during the build up at every event.
  8. A fully edited DVD is the greatest gift back to those who supported the celebration & events.
  9. Our careers depend on the smile you have when we finish – Uncle bob would just shrug his shoulders if he forgot to press record during peak moments.
  10. A good video is something that can encapsulate all the sounds, the sights, all the sense memories, and all the emotions of your event, and bring them to life every time you watch it.

*We provide the best experience possible with a true chance to revisit the past!!!

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