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OK.. You all win….
I have come around and now can not hope I can retire before HD takes over the world!!!

So first off I need a camera… FCP will come BUT meanwhile  I am STUCK with Casablanca/Macro System’s Solitaire meaning I have to get HD with Firewire out.
Second I use a Sony PD 170 and love the low light capability.. So I want something with really good low light capability..

I don’t mine used..
I have a $5000 Tax in budget..
Have any thing? Suggestions?

Comments on Canon XH-A1 and SonyZ1U


David  604-612-9767 and or info@studiovideo

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David Cooperstone is the owner of the Studio Video Facilities. He is currently the President of the BCPVA.

  • Kevin

    If you can live with a servo 10x fixed Fujinon lens, check out the JVC GY-HM100U. I've been shooting locally with mine for 15 months now, mostly in churches stretching a couple of Lowels using its 'Cine' color and gamma settings. I have a client who keeps calling me his 'cinematographer.' The image block is native 720 but shoots XDCAM EX upconverting with its new JVC processor as 1080p direct onto class 6 or 10 SDHC chips in MOV or MP4 file wrappers. Put 2 32GB SDHC chips in it and you won't have to stop rolling for 4 hours at 1080i60. Shoot at 720p24 and you can roll literally all day. XDCAM is 4:1:0 but don't make the mistake of thinking that's a bad thing. You can even capture via HDMI to a ProRes 422 codec for perfect-edged keys. It will even support ProRes 4444 if you have the bandwidth on the other end. I've heard MP4 file handling is klunky, but that will motivate you to get your FCP platform (or Final Cut Express – and Logic Express, because it includes the XDCAM codecs) you will not be sad. JVC even dropped the price.