Vimeo Now Has Custom URLs

This is some nice news. Vimeo now allows you to have your own custom URLs for your profile and your videos. Here’s Vimeo’s blog post about it.

If you have an account, I’d change yours up. I did it now and my shiny new URL is

That looks a lot better than (That’s not a real number by the way).

It’s also nice for your videos as my latest video has a URL of

I read on the Vimeo blog post that this is purely aesthetic, meaning, there is no SEO value in this. It simply looks better when you’re sharing your link with others.

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  • Matt Seilback

    Hey Greg, it looks like your old Vimeo URL does not lead to the new one, is this correct? We are thinking of changing our URL, but I’m worried that people who have our current one bookmarked will lose access to our vimeo page. You can reach me at: mseilback (at) grainforall (dot) com. Thanks!