What do You Think About the New BCPVA Site?

After promising this site for months, we finally have it up.

So, a simple question. What do you think?

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Greg Lam is a small business specialist that helps clients do business online. You can find him at http://www.vancouvervideographer.ca/ and http://www.smallbusinessdoer.com.

  • Love it… Great upgrade Team Greg!

  • For an opening video the video doesnt show any videographers (any OTS shots, wide shots wich includes the subject and the camera) Yes you are trying to focus on the content – but you are not selling the content you are selling the creation of the content so you need to show a little bit of the creative process in there. Anyway thats just my opinion

    • The BCPVA sent out a call (more than one, actually) several weeks ago for members to contribute to a one minute landing page movie and what you see is what we were given to work with. At the next general meeting I will ask if anyone has video footage of members shooting video footage, if that makes sense.

      – Don

  • I think you did a great job Greg. I'm really impressed! 🙂 So much better than the previous site.

  • Hey Greg,
    Good job man. I like the website. easy to use, visually pretty good.