BCPVA Meeting – Jan 26 2021 – AMA with Shawn Lam President of SLV

Hello members;

This month’s online Zoom meeting will be an AMA. If you are not familiar with this format AMA stands for Ask Me Anything – an open chat/forum style popularized by Reddit. The idea is to allow the participants to ask almost any relevant question of an expert in a given topic. A host of an AMA could be a politician, scientist, celebrity or just a person with an unusual occupation or experience.

For this first session our Host is Shawn Lam President of SLV Live Media Production, writer on the topic of video production, and huge contributor to the BCPVA community. Shawn always has an interesting and intelligent perspective on our business, and has always been very generous in sharing the ways he makes his business work. Don’t miss this opportunity to portal yourself into his world.

We encourage you to send in your questions to Shawn in advance.There will be opportunities within the AMA to ask further questions but giving the host the opportunity to think through a response in advance will allow for the most considered, and detailed answers. Please place “BCPVA AMA” in the subject line and send your questions to: [email protected]

More about Shawn Lam:

Shawn Lam entered video production as a business in 2001 with no prior video production experience or training.  Since then Shawn has produced over $3,000,000 of video work and views himself as a video production specialist.  Shawn’s production company SLV doesn’t have a single niche market but rather specializes in a select number of markets and services that are personally interesting, challenging, and profitable.  Most of SLV’s work is multicam production that is live-switched and webcast but SLV also produces legal video depositions, dance recitals, and corporate interview videos.

This past year SLV has pivoted to producing much more remote work using video conference services to connect presenters using their webcams and microphones.  They are also producing more events that are for online audiences only, events that in the past tended to be hybrid events with in-person and online audiences.  With the events of 2020 much of the traditional repeat business has diminished, and when the economic climate does improve no doubt the nature of video production will changed by the challenge. Nonetheless in 2020 SLV did manage to book a 6-figure contract and added several new medium and large clients. 

In addition to his video production work through SLV Live, Shawn is a writer, reporter, product reviewer, and conference speaker.  Shawn principally writes for Streaming Media Producer and Streaming Media Magazine but has also contributed on two Adobe Premiere Pro books and spoken at three conferences.

Meeting Details:

People can start joining the meeting at 6:45 pm, and the meeting will start at 7 pm. If you have never used Zoom before, please join early to download and troubleshoot.

How it will work: You can connect with both Windows and Mac computers / laptops, Apple and Android cell phones, and tablets with the Zoom video app. This link will give you a prompt to download and run Zoom if you have never used Zoom before. If you have used Zoom, it will open a box with Zoom Meetings highlighted – click the Open Link button. When you connect you can test your headphones, webcam, and microphone with Zoom, before you join the talk.

Audio: This is the most important part.  We want/need to avoid feedback -so wear headphones. If members don’t wear headphones, the audio from everyone else will feed into their microphone and this can cause a feedback loop.

Microphone: Most laptops and mobile devices have built-in microphones (and webcams).  These will work just fine. Your mobile devices likely shipped with headphones with a built-in microphone – this works great too.  If you have and headphones with three rings on the connector then your headphones have a microphone built-in.  If you are using an external USB webcam, then it probably has a microphone too.  If you haven’t used it in a while, you may want to plug it in and possibly update the driver. Webcam: If you are joining with a mobile device then take the time to mount your device on a stand at eye level.  The same basics that apply to videography apply to webcam usage: add some soft front-light, avoid back-light, and be aware what is in your background.

Details:


Time: Jan 26, 2021 6:30 PM Vancouver

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Meeting ID: 694 528 3150

Passcode: BCPVA

Stay well and see you all online Jan 26th!


The BCPVA Exec Committee