BCPVA Meeting – Jan 25th 2022 – Anne Wheeler – Taken by the Muse

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 We are so fortunate this month to be able to meet with Director, Producer, Writer Anne Wheeler. A master storyteller, and seminal creative force in Canadian film and TV, suffice it to say that if you live in Canada then you have experienced her work, for those not fully versed here is some further background on Anne.

 If the stories we tell each other, the stories we pass down are the fabric of our lives and of our culture, then Anne Wheeler is a supreme weaver and treasurer for all the diverse stories that make up the Canadian experience. Born in Edmonton Alberta Anne’s background began unconventionally for a filmmaker – in mathematics, and music, and then with some money saved from teaching a free form exploration of Europe, Asia, and Africa that lasted several years. Eventually back home in the early seventies serendipity struck and she stumbled into the joys of creating short films. Anne soon joined the Edmonton collective FilmWest, a group committed to creating films that addressed issues with indigenous rights, women’s rights, and western politics. After several years spent creating with the collective, and participating in the multitude of crafts that make up a film production crew Anne began her long association with the National Film Board. It is with the NFB that Anne began to realise her signature talent for drawing on personal stories to illustrate universal human themes.  What followed were Canadian classics like A War Story based her father’s experience as a doctor in a Japanese POW camp, and Bye, Bye Blues, based on her mother’s wartime experience as a musician, and ultimately to outstanding and often ground breaking features like Cowboys Don’t cry, and Better Than Chocolate.

 With innumerable awards for her work including the Order of Canada, seven honorary doctorates, and a DGC Lifetime Achievement award, Anne has become one of the most sought after director/producer/writers in Canada, and continues to be a prolifically active in major film and TV productions. Most recently Anne has written a novel titled Taken By the Muse: On the Path to Becoming a Filmmaker. The book contains three self-contained stories, stories that in her words, “just simply need to be told so they won’t be lost.” Anne’s commitment to us as a story teller is palpable, in fact she has a whole box of stories labeled “Stories, I’ve been Given”   At this point I think we can all say – the gift is ours Anne, please don’t ever stop.

 No matter what your specific film making interest is this meeting has something for you as Anne is truly a renaissance woman of film. Read her new book prior to the meeting if you possibly can, this will be something special!

Additional Links:

Book info… https://www.annewheeler.com/new-book

Web site …   https://www.annewheeler.com

IMDb link…   https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0923768/

 Articles on Anne Wheeler from The Vancouver Sun

Award-winning Canadian writer-director Anne Wheeler talks about how she got started in filmmaking and what drives her films.


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Directors Guild of Canada Lifetime Achievement Award winner Anne Wheeler still going strong


Meeting Details:

People can start joining the meeting at 6:30 pm for informal networking. The main program will start at 7pm and run until 8pm with Q&A and discussion of new and shared work to follow until 8:30.

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Time: Jan 25, 2022 06:30 Vancouver

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