BCPVA Meeting – Mar 22 2022 – Partners for Production with Lorne Lapham Sales and Rentals – Updates!


Hello again Members and Guests;

We have some further detail to add about the topics to be covered in our upcoming meeting featuring Lorne Lapham Sales and Rentals

Mike Gittens from Lorne Lapham Sales and Rentals will be taking us on a tour of the latest in video technologies. 
Among the products that will be highlighted are:- motion controlled sliders from Rhino Camera Gear– the Hollyland Mars 400s Pro featuring on location wireless video transmission to phones and tablets – the brand new Canon XF605 UHD 4K HDR Pro Camcorder- the budget friendly RGB LED panel light from Aputure the P60C– an innovative DSLR/Cine full frame hybrid camera system from Sony – the FX3– zero latency 4k HDMI video transmitter kit from Teradek the Spark 4k– a revolutionary new concept in videography – the full frame all in one camera gimbal system the DJI Ronin 4D
Following the tour Lorne Lapham Sales and Rentals will be supplying an exclusive BCPVA link to purchase the highlighted items as well as some other sales items with discounts only available to BCPVA members. 

Once again any time LLSR participates in our meetings we always come away with really valuable knowledge and insights into the latest freshly introduced tech, the services offered by a great rental house, and often how the whole industry is progressing in BC, don’t miss this session!

About Lorne Lapham

Lorne Lapham Sales and Rentals, has been a core provider of equipment sales and rentals to the BC film and video production community for over thirty years. After formal education at Sheridan College in film and photography company founder Lorne worked for many years as freelance camera operator and editor, including a stint at CBC, ultimately working in sales and training to major productions and institutions across western Canada. Steeped in the business this is the place where you will find deep knowledge and expert advice on any aspect of film and video production equipment. Lorne, and now with the contribution of his sons, has a wealth of “how to” knowledge and the perspective to see and communicate where the new technology is taking us, and how we can best use it.  

Meeting Details:

People can start joining the meeting at 6:30 pm for informal networking. The main program will start at 7pm and run until 8pm with Q&A and discussion of new and shared work to follow until 8:30.

If you have never used Zoom before, please join early to download and troubleshoot.

How it will work: You can connect with both Windows and Mac computers / laptops, Apple and Android cell phones, and tablets with the Zoom video app. This link will give you a prompt to download and run Zoom if you have never used Zoom before. If you have used Zoom, it will open a box with Zoom Meetings highlighted – click the Open Link button. When you connect you can test your headphones, webcam, and microphone with Zoom, before you join the talk.

Audio: This is the most important part.  We want/need to avoid feedback -so wear headphones. If members don’t wear headphones, the audio from everyone else will feed into their microphone and this can cause a feedback loop.

Microphone: Most laptops and mobile devices have built-in microphones (and webcams).  These will work just fine. Your mobile devices likely shipped with headphones with a built-in microphone – this works great too.  If you have and headphones with three rings on the connector then your headphones have a microphone built-in.  If you are using an external USB webcam, then it probably has a microphone too.  If you haven’t used it in a while, you may want to plug it in and possibly update the driver. Webcam: If you are joining with a mobile device then take the time to mount your device on a stand at eye level.  The same basics that apply to videography apply to webcam usage: add some soft front-light, avoid back-light, and be aware what is in your background.


Time: Mar 22, 2022 18:30 Vancouver

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Work safe, stay well and see you all online on Mar 22nd!


The BCPVA Executive Committee