BCPVA Update and Request for Membership Input

Hello BCPVA Members;

With things opening up significantly we wanted to update you all on future meetings, venues, and possible changes to keep the BCPVA relevant and useful to the membership.

We have made the decision to put our monthly meetings on hold until September. This is for a couple of reasons:

Firstly while Zoom meetings have been a godsend, many of us are looking forward to the greater networking opportunities that in-person meetings provide. We are hoping by September we will be able to offer in-person networking again. The Justice Institute has been a good venue to hold our meetings prior to the pandemic. Currently they are evaluating their public access program, and should have a plan in place by late summer. At that point we will be able to re-establish a program with them or look for an alternative venue. Given this, and also with the view we should be cautious in restarting in-person meetings, we will not schedule any meetings either on-line or live until this coming September.

This leads us to the second purpose of this letter. We’ve just had an executive meeting, much of the focus of the meeting was centered around how much the world of videography has changed and how we can continue to provide value to our members. Our profession has widened, diversified, become more technical, more creative, more challenging, and also potentially more rewarding. We need to know what YOU the MEMBERS would like the BCPVA to provide! More networking, more how to workshops, more web content, greater outreach to the edges of what we define as video production (think web channels, content creators, etc), greater support for your own web based marketing – the sky is the limit – what would you like to have? So please provide your valued input, brief or lengthy, we have some time now to gather ideas, and then reassess and position the BCPVA for a promising future!

Thank you all in advance,

Have a great summer!

The BCPVA Executive

John Porter, David Cooperstone, John Romain, Shawn Lam,  Jennifer Shanse, Scott Finding, & Joel Law