BCPVA Meeting January 31 2023

There used to be a hard line separating what constitutes a photo camera and a video camera and conversely, a photographer and a videographer. This all changed in late 2008 when DSLR cameras started recording video, starting with the Canon 5D MKII. 15 year later we have an appreciation for how this development changed how videographers shoot video with what was previously a photographers tool. It wasn’t an easy transition working with non-parfocal lenses, arbitrarily imposed recording time limits, separate audio recording devices, and having to explain to talent that they didn’t need to strike a pose a freeze every time they noticed a camera pointed their way.

The workflow of hybrid shooters who specialize in both photography and videography, using the same tools, is now widely practiced and has more refined and professional workflows.

Join BCPVA members Scott White and Dorin Sovarosi as they discuss how they navigate the world of professional photography and professional videography with the same tools.

Meeting information:

What:  January Meeting: Blurred Line – Hybrid Photography and Videography

When:  6:30PM-8:45PM January 31 2023
  Coquitlam Public Library, City Centre Branch
1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam.   Room 136

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