Fusion Cine

Fusion Cine is a brand new 20 year old company. Evolving from Matrix Video, to Genesis Matrix, and now into Fusion Cine, we have adapted and become the missing link. Fusion Cine combines all acquisition, post production, and archiving standards & equipment, to assist all levels of production, from student filmmaker to experienced cinematographer.

If you shoot, produce or post, you’ll find everything you need at Fusion Cine. The term Fusion is commonly used to describe the joining of two elements, whether it be two nuclear atoms or two different ethnic foods, to result in something much more powerful. This is the basis from which Fusion Cine Sales & Rentals Inc. is built upon. The fusion of Broadcast and Professional video technology with Cinematic creativity and vision, allows us to provide the best tailor-made experience for our customers. By joining these two elements under one roof, our knowledgeable and dedicated team made up of industry professionals is able to ensure that every angle of our customers’ experience has been customized to address their specific need, from acquisition to post to data management and archiving.

Through our passion for digital innovation, and commitment to outstanding customer service, we strive to work with each client to achieve their goals. We treat every transaction with integrity and professionalism and create an environment that fosters success for us and our clients.

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