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Video Production Genre:

Broadcast, Corporate

Got a story to tell? Not sure what to say, or how to say it? We’re your guys.
We’ve been making custom films for companies and organizations for over 20 years, and we’re know best for taking an everyday story or set of facts, and making it compelling.

Often their training/educational films. How the tailing pond was build, how the pipeline was made, or what hazards to watch for when you work. We have a repertoire of techniques to bring a technical story to life and make it understandable and fun to watch. We employee a lot of 3D animation, especially when concepts or subjects cannot be filmed, like how to mine potash, or how asbestos affects the human lungs.

And if you know you need a film, but aren’t sure how to start or what to say, we have lots of experience and can help you craft your story.

We have cameras, lights, a drone, a prompter, and we shoot everything in 4K.

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